Literary Graffiti, The End of the Beginning

Every concept humanity knows is born from experience. Each human being is a massive data bank of physical history. From the genetic code linking us biologically to the language isolating us culturally. Life resulting from the friction between our own known value and the infinite unknown of the universe.

This concept, again born from experience, is no more or less valid than any other concept, born from a different experience. Validity is subjective but truth is universal. We have trouble discerning a difference between these two separate concepts, validity and truth. Because validity is a temporary truth.

That is the synopsis for this short work “Literary Graffiti”, book sold separately.

Tim Ferris once wrote that it is best to create a finished product then sell it afterwards.

I think this is a very natural way to go about things.  Not trying to sell someone the idea of lemonade, just showing up with the pitcher and seeing how things go. A highly American idealism. Use of humanities natural pragmatic utilitarianism. Often lost in the jumble of soft headed materialistic youth and to unstable for the established rigidity resulting from old age. A concept that solutes best with flexibility and knowledge of the fertile and fit.

This is all I have learned. Twenty six years and a few thousand words later. I started with trying to find out why and the best answer I came up with is why not. A good tag line. When I read back my first post I get chills. Because I hear the same voice but know I am not the same person that wrote it. A concept, born for experience, that stupefies.

The realization that mankind is just the point on the wave scientists are currently measuring. We are the society of arrogant meat computers. So obsessed with a definition of our experience that we forget to stop and see how beautiful it is, or how fast it leaves us.

Literary Graffiti is exactly what it says it is. A smattering of literature on this temporary canvas, displayed free of charge and amateurish by it’s own design.

Nothing ever really ends, it just waits until i can begin again. This is the end of the beginning but the start of something else. Whatever comes next is not separated from this but not part of it either.

I still don’t know what the means, which is good. Because that means there is much more to find out.

Next week something new.

Keep going.


2 thoughts on “Literary Graffiti, The End of the Beginning

  1. I never tire of reading what you post, actually, I look forward to it. Your intellect is astounding, and I’m so grateful to be able to watch you grow and develop everyday.

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