How it’s done son.


“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” _ Oprah plagiarizing Seneca

It has been said by a great many successful people that it is better to be dedicated than it is to be talented. Talent can be squandered, underdeveloped, and misused, whereas dedication is of itself a determinant characteristic. Preparation is born of dedication because preparation comes before and then after the completion of a task. Those who prepare properly are already onto the next challenge without considering basking in the glow of victory or the banal nature of defeat. A fluidity of attitude is born in those obsessed with proper preparation. Each moment being a conduit for the next, every decision based on a past or future visualization, a certain stipend allotted for every interaction, good economy Emerson would say.

Our generation is bludgeoned by a new unprecedented speed of information and action. How is it we are able to integrate preparation into the continuous flow of digital society? By bifurcating into infinitesimal parameters each and every action and macron of information. Big sentence I know, but stay with me here. We have not yet reached the terminal velocity of human cognition. I dare say that we have but begun to entertain the true potential of mental acuity. Our inclination to prepare is so commingled with our concept of success itself that we have diverged from the mechanical separation of preparation and volition to the point of which no divergence ever seemed to exist. We are dumb to the process yet operate in lock step uniformity. How is this so?


“The deepest level of communication is not communication, but communion. It is wordless… beyond speech.. beyond concept.” – Thomas Merton

Allow me to soften a little here. The serene surface of a shallow clear puddle softly pelted and slowly filled by a gentle rain. A melodic roaring emanating from the endless ocean sending equally endless waves to ascend, crash, and suck back from the shore. Some moment just prior to kissing someone in which your eyes lock and singularity of purpose is silently achieved. That is the communion we are talking about. Where people integrate perfectly from a personage of minimalism to a society of organic unitary thought. There exists a big mind compiled and consisting of the many small mind from which it draws weight. The examples that I give at the top of the paragraph here are scenes from my mind that I assume are easily transferable to any other person who reads it. This is the essence of communication and art.

We have had the good fortune to be born in a time where communication would reach an apex. Think about the fact that one hundred years ago there was no widespread use of electricity, no telephone, no television, few cars, and a global population of 1.6 billion people. There are 1.3 billion people living in China today. My point here is that in the space of a century humanity has changed dramatically and perhaps most dramatically in the past thirty years or so. This revolution has happened simultaneously with our coming into existence. The fact that I have experienced both the advent of cordless phones and smart phones is something like experiencing the shift from a model – T to the Mclaren F1. The cultural effects of this widespread technological revelation are still in its infancy. From You Tube sensations to the Muslim Spring, we are now able to simultaneously experience things that are happening across there world and things that are happening in our living rooms.

Self awareness

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to understand ourselves.” C.G Jung

Are we now entering an age where we can look ourselves in the mirror and see what we really are? A constellation of human experience illuminated through space and time reflected in the eyes of civilization and comprising the essence of a permeant superstructure. This thing, this body, this life not just a lumpy oddly formed cluster of cells. Yes that but something else as well. Something more palatable and less frustrating. Something less terminal and more permeating. Some less fake and more real. The world as we know it is changing and now more then ever we are aware of that change. We have front row seats to that change. We are slaves of that change. Not until we find a way to prepare for and integrate with that change can we sublimate into self-awareness. We have the tools and the knowledge at our fingertips. The only real thing that holds this generation back from leaving our mark on history is our inability to cope with this thing which we have no name for. This web of ideas and connections which we were given access without ever considering the implications. This is a pop culture renaissance and it cannot be stopped. There will be a time when the power of this communication is fully realized. The only question is will we be the ones that make it happen?


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