Just another day .

“I look forward to the blog post contemplating the long life you’ve lived and all your nuggets of wisdom.” _ Veronica Volk

A lot of people like to make a big deal about their birthdays. I am not one of those people. I stopped asking for a party and presents when I was ten. Fact is that February fourth to me is just another day. But today, being that I have created this platform, I guess I will spout some “wisdom”. So here are twenty four things I have learned in this life.

1. Family is the most important thing in your life. Nature vs. nurture, whatever. Your parents, your siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all those people, solid investments. I consider myself lucky, dare I say blessed, to have been born into my family. My parents have bestowed upon me all their good genetics and given me all the love and care one could possibly need. I have three awesome younger siblings that are all far more intelligent, attractive, and just generally better people than I am, and I am taking part of the credit for it. I have the coolest grandma in the entire world. And a group of cousins, aunts, and uncles who are really awesome, regardless of what they say about me. Thank you all for being you.

2. Having a good work ethic can solve a lot of things. You can do a lot of shit wrong in this life, but as long as your willing to work hard to try and fix it you usually come out even. On the other side of the coin a bad work ethic can really screw you up. I think Machiavelli said it best in The Prince, just read that shit.

3. “I will get by with a little help from my friends.” The only reason that I have any faith in humanity whatsoever is because of a handful of people, I am not one of them, but I am getting there. There are a lot of people out there who I would call friends and that is a blessing within itself. But there are a select few, and we all have them, who I know I could not see for ten years and then run into at a super market somewhere and it would feel like we never missed a beat. There are a few people who have changed my life and taught me what it means to be a good human being. And again, thank you all for being you.

4. Date a girl who makes you crazy. I love you Olivia. I have been lucky enough to always find these girls, and this time I got a good one.

5. Get out of the house. Unfortunately I don’t do this enough, I have wasted a lot of time sitting inside and not experiencing life. If your going out to a bar, running, smoking a cigarette, or just standing in the middle of the road for no reason looking at the stars, outside amongst the people is where you ought to be. Go into nature, do it by yourself. Find some secluded section of the world outside of society, go all Henry David Thoreau and hang out by yourself for a while. Trees are really cool, especially when you can hear them talk to you. Just get the fuck out of the house.

6. Read books. But don’t live by them. Books are good for expanding your thoughts and helping you create opinions, not really good for basing your life off of though. I am talking to you religious people.

7. People say things are better than sex, but they are lying. Or just exaggerating.

8. Coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol are way worse drugs than marijuana. Pot makes you lazy thats about the worst thing about it. Is it a gateway drug? Yea maybe, but no one smokes a joint and then decides to shoot heroin. But when you’re hammered anything can happen.

9. Boobs are the least interesting yet most captivating objects in the entire universe.

10. Men will be men. Dudes are stupid. We do shit and we hurt ourselves or someone else and thats just the way it is. My bad.

11. Woman will be whatever they want to be. If you ever wonder why a woman does something, just don’t. It’s a waste of time.

12. Getting punched in the face isn’t that bad. I would rather fight and lose then not fight and always regret it.

13. Eat your vegetables.

14. If there wasn’t music life would probably blow.

15. Learn to cook. Not just one thing, learn to cook anything. Just go into the kitchen and throw some shit together, eventually you will thank yourself for it.

16. I am completely out of wisdom. I only know fifteen things and one of them was to eat your vegetables. People are stupid, you can either be mad about that or rejoice in the fact that we still have a lot left to learn.

17. Don’t argue about things that don’t matter to you. I know a lot of people that will argue with someone just because they think they are wrong even though they don’t give a shit about being right. Don’t be that guy.

18. Take a road trip. Make sure you can stand the person you are going to be stuck in a car with.

19. Save your money.

20. Appreciate the fact that your alive and how awesome that is and your life will become infinitely better.

21. You can’t solve everybody’s problems. So don’t try. Some people are fucked up and thats ok, its probably the reason they are interesting.

22. You are always going to look back on your life and think your could have done it better. This is a useless.

23. You are always going to look back on your life and wish you could do it again. Never stop doing this.

24. Help people. Your life, your happiness, other peoples lives and happiness, will become exponentially better if you help people. Not as in giving to charity or holding the door for someone, although those are good things to do, but with your every action try to think about others. I think we could fix ninety percent of the problems in this world if instead of working so hard to make our own lives perfect we tried hard to help each other. So just help people. If they deserve it or not, if they are a douchebag or a saint, just be helpful.

That’s it, I’m out. Happy Birthday everybody else that was born today. I hope you get laid.


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