Never Settle for Less

I am reading a book called Infinite Jest, written by the late David Foster Wallace. It is sporadic, intricate, sometimes insane, lengthly tomb of fiction. Clearly my kind of novel. I am on page sixty seven and have only read six percent of the total pages. In this book there is a character named Schtitt, a tennis coach, a seventy year old German man. During a dialog he elaborates his ideas on how tennis should be played. He talks about how some people see the court through Euclid Geometry while he sees the court through Chaos Theory. He talks about how the average tennis coach teaches a player to use the base line in order to force the opponent into bad angles. Whereas in his theory he never considers the baseline. The analogy he made, without delving to deep into character and plot here, is that when you are in competition you are not competing with the rules, or the boundaries, or the other player, you are in fact competing with yourself. Your own mental and physical limitations. The opponent you face, the contest you strive for, is just an extension of your own body, just more factors in the equation to consider. The reason I find this so interesting is because in reading mathematic philosophers like Kant, Newton, and Descarte, through all of their analogies and reveries they never produced a synthesis of math and personal ideology so well.

I digress…

I have been unemployed for a while. One would think that this unemployment would be great for an aspiring writer and in some cases they might be right. But not in my case. I have tried the whole lock yourself away, drink, smoke, and write deal. It isn’t for me. I need inspiration from outside sources. The world itself is the most beautiful canvas imaginable and people are a wealth of characters and plots. I crave interaction. So for the last couple of weeks my writing has dried up. I applied everywhere, anywhere really. And got nothing, zilch, zero. Which is in effect how I felt about myself. Not really a great creative platform. So yesterday when I got a call from a catering business and they hired me it relived a general aura of stress and in effect allowing me to ponder other things than my impending financial doom and personal malfeasance.

What do these two seemingly random events have to do with each other? I will explain. But first one more thing to consider.

In the other book I am reading, (yes, I read numerous books at once, stupid ADD)  The Mind & The Brain – Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force by Jeffery M. Schwartz M.D. and Sharon Begley, Schwartz relives his journey of compiling data for his theory of Neuroplasticity. We may be fairly familiar with this term today because of sites like Luminosity and programs like Rosetta Stone, but back in the early 1990 when Schwartz was a grad student at Stanford the idea that the “mind” could have casual effect on the “brain” was considered blasphemous dualism.

Dualism is again the brain child of Descarte. If ever you feel like what you are studying is really obnoxious or overly complex just pick up one of his meditations. I have never encountered something that I refused to read until I picked up this pile of pithy word vomit. Sure he was a genius, but it is apparent that he wrote in a way that was completely disconcerted with the reader themselves. Anyway, dualism. Dualism is the belief that there are two separate and unrelated fractions of reality. If you are a scientist, especially a physicist, and someone called you a dualist, it was intended and received as an insult.

Anyway, the whole concept behind Neuroplasticity is that through our mental volition human beings cause casual interference inside the physical brain. What this means is that when we think we alter matter. Mind over matter, literally. There are various quantum physics to back this assertion. Mainly relating to a mathematical formula explaining a nanosecond where calcium ions moving at seventy five percent the speed of light are jettison from axons and captured by a dendrites resulting in neural connections, not just once, instead billions of times a second, resulting in the miraculous existence of  a thinking, feeling, living, human being. The concept is complex in language, theory, mathematics, and tautological implications but the simplest meaning resonating from it is that mankind is more than just physical stuff.

Now that I have caught you up on what I have been doing lately allow me to explain what all of this has to do with anything.

The world is chaos. We are born, we live for a while, maybe wonder why, and then we die. In the process maybe we give birth to little ones that repeat this cycle, ad infintum. In the short time we spend on Earth you can view life two ways. One way is through Euclid Geometry and the other is through Chaos Theory. Neither one is essentially wrong, they just lead you to different answers.

In world view one, I will call EG, we see the world as an event governed by a set of definitive rules that extends infinitely into two directions existing on a three dimensional plane. In world view two, CT, we see the world as an event governed by a set of rotating laws of an indefinite nature that extends infinitely into every direction on a four, five, six, twelve dimensional space. EG is in effect the way most people see the world, it is the way we are taught to see the world in school because it is the simplest and most effective way to see the world. Living a EG related reality is not an less than a CT reality, it is simply less complex. The CT reality is nothing new. I am sure the first men existed in this reality. As he stepped out of his cave in the morning. Before there were laws and stops signs and Starbucks, there was chaos. What people are beginning to realize is that chaos is not necessarily a bad thing. Columbus was an agent of chaos, and so was Einstein, and Steve Jobs. Chaos is existence in its purest form. To continue the tennis analogy, you have yourself, the player (n) you have the opposing player (n2), you have the court (n3), balls velocity (n4), spin (n5), crowd noise (n5), sun angle (n6), so on an so forth resulting in an infinite number combinations and of results. It is not just player one a vs. player two b, enveloped in court area times Pi. The world is unfortunately not that simple. But it can be understood in EG terms. You just never realize that your brain is compensating for all the other factors that you never bother to think about.

In conclusion, not because I have nothing else to say but because I have eclipsed 1000 word mark again, we cannot solve complex problems with simple answers. The world has become to complex at its base level to understand it in EG form. We have eclipsed the moment in human evolution. Never settle for the simple answers. Never settle for the shitty job because there is a better one out there just waiting for you to discover it. Failures are an intricate part of the equation teaching us how to succeeded. Never settle for the negative interpretation because your brain will latch unto it and you will ruin yourself. Never settle for a three dimensional picture of reality when there is so much more to life than just shape, volume, and color. The brain inside your head is the most complex entity know to science, the world around you is the most beautiful creation known to man, the people in your life are the most awe inspiring beings you will ever encounter. Never settle less that that.


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