Aim small, miss small.

This world is full of unintelligible jargon both plated and sardonic. Spewing like an open artery from the mouths of politicians, bankers, and  bloggers, the talking heads on TV, parents, friends, strangers, bums on the street, prophets of doom, 7-11 employes, sooth sayers, demigods, the voices in your head. They allude to numerous, if not infinite, definitive avenues for coronation into the rank and file supremacy of comprehensive managerial society. A clandestine alcove for unitarian acceptance for any and all succubus breeds. A cantankerous trepidation of unrepentant futility fusing societal manacles, a sacred perpetuating anal conalingus, your pink ass cheeks served up as the foie gras atop a tender porterhouse for the one eyed wench of forward progress by her hobbled slave named humanity. Breading anyone without the stomach to unhinge your jaw and make way for the silver kidney bean, set fire to the town in order to oust the fleas. What?

My point here is that if you consume enough information, and I probably consume to much, you will find a good deal of what you hear to be bullshit. If one expert has an opinion, a truth, supported by facts. There exists another expert, of equal sophistication, that has more facts, more numbers, more votes that disprove that original fact, and that prove the contrary, on and on and on. Ad infinitum, until your brain hemorrhages. It has become the American way, this information pandemic, to bloat a simple truth to such an extent to render it incomprehensible. Heads so full of notions and entirely empty of facts. 106 ways to become more productive, 22 new ways to please your man, gun control supported by Nazi’s, fabric softener destroys environment, 13 steps towards a spiritual nirvana, how guava fruit cures cancer, the best investment of 2013, the evils of motor oil, I will make you richer, stronger, smarter, faster, we have the technology. Bullshit. Even this blog which is a pure attempt at perpetual truth, infantile truth, uneducated information, is usually tantamount to a screaming child with a massive loaf in his diaper waiting to be changed. At least I know it. I enjoy sitting in my filth and picking the kernels of truth from the mushy decomposed flesh and fruits of our labor.

With so many people in disposing themselves into your personal life, finances, health, spiritual solvency, endlessly preaching out in cyberspace, writing in books, screaming on television, telling you what you should do, what we are missing in this country is self reliance.

“I am ashamed to think how easily we capitulate to badges and names, to large societies and dead institutions.” – Emerson

Americans were forged from the dark forests by the hands of the ignorant peasants, religious fanatics, rich criminals, and anarchists. People that held in high esteem a desire for absolute freedoms, for self reliance. This nations was forged through bloodshed and steel. Now our society tries to forget it’s past, like sweeping dust under a rug. We try to forget that we are the children of rebels and slaves or slave masters, of run aways and criminals, of the pedantic and insane, the dirty and unwanted. We have rewritten the history books to instills in the members of our great nation ideals towards conformity, accept and produce platitudes. All must huddle close to the wide fire of civilization along with your possessions and loved ones, leaving your palms open for bread and wine. America has left behind it’s barbaric beginnings and reached the pinnacle of good manners, we are stuffed birds hanging beautifully on a wall. Elected decedent jesters that shit from their mouths and speak with their asses while encouraging all souls to do the same. I say  to hell with this. Let us go back to our rotten roots, our warlike hearts beating full of blood, our individual ideology sprouting legs, our rebel souls over throwing the world. Let us proclaim our morbid bloodthirsty desires and our golden utopian ideals, let them commingle in an orgy of unbridled truth, and let the bastard children of our dreams and our nightmares run headlong into life or death. Today we are to soft, to educated, to indoctrinated. We think ourselves filthy or ordain ourselves superiors. No longer do we look into the eye of this great universe and wonder how, we blink and shove another bun down our gullets.

There is no room in this America for true personal ideology, to be a nonconformist as a tenant of belief is to be evil, or a bum, a freak. Or in the most ridiculous case, ironically, a conformist. The hipster movement to me is not just tight black jean and black frame glassless wearing, obscure music listening, Starbucks and PBR drinking, yogurt and tofu eating, Volkswagen and Prius driving, Norman Mailer and Jack Kerouac reading, Brooklyn and LA living, tech savvy, politically incoherent conglomeration of disaffected educated consumers. It is the conformity of nonconformity, the Sphinx inside a riddle covered by a veil walking out the back door into the canon filled with ooze. The only way the universe can compensate for the tanned, Gucci clad, empty headed, coors light drinking, generation of cocks and pussies. The anti-intillectual, the sheep, the AMERICAN DREAM baby, a clone. How the hell did this all transpire.

It is nice to get that off my chest. It feels good on the bowls, let it fill my diaper. The truth is I don’t give a damn. I have tried to and I have failed and I don’t give a damn about that either. If there be war or plague, Democrat or Republican, God or no God, whiskey or wine, either way I don’t care. Wake me up in the morning and as long as I can get a strong erection and a few meals in my belly then life is fine. To hell with modern comforts, to hell with this computer screen and internet connection. Send me back to the stone age, hand me an axe and a dirty bitch, let me sleep on the floor and wake up at dawn. That existence was good enough for the first man, for the Greek and the Roman, for God himself. Let it be that way again and I will not complain. I may not be anything great, but I am not delicate.

The aim here is that what we need is not more but less. What we need is not bigger but smaller, not smarter but dumber, not greater but worse. We have penetrated the atom and found even more space, we have probed space and found it endless, we have reached the hight of technological, social, and fiscal sophistication and it is leaves nothing more than a dry taste in out mouths. Aim small and we will miss small. Our hearts are set on mountains when we cannot stand to climb over then next hill.


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