“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

What holds the world together? A physicist would tell you that it is the interplay of strong and weak atomic forces, the pull of gravity, subatomic reactions happing at the speed of light. How human beings are comprised of atoms which from creation have been connected all being born from an explosion that happened billions of years ago. That a few of them once existed in the person you love the most or someone who you lost. A religious man may tell you that we are ruled by the laws of God. It is by his divine will only that the universe functions. We are watched over and judged and one day we shall have to answer for our actions in this life. An average guy might tell you “I don’t know, stop holding the joint.” When life seems absurd or dark. When the world looks to be on the brink of chaos. When all the improbable and horrific is thrust in your face in a way the makes shutting ones eyes an impossibility, there is something that comforts. That is truth.

Truth is an undervalued concept in this day and age. Politicians pander, news casters pontificate, parents amend, companies alter, friends sugar coat. To be honest is to be brutal. People that stand by convictions that may seem uncommon or unpractical are often looked at as strange if not down right inferior. Personal convictions and beliefs are often subverted to pay homage to the mighty politically correct or socially acceptable. Truth is not that complex.

The truth is that you are alive today and the world is still going. If you are reading this you are not desuetude or illiterate. You are probably sitting in your house with some free time on your hands. This makes you more wealthy than 95% of the world’s population. Free time is a strange concept. Time is the only thing we can control or rather our use of time. We only have so much, how much we do not know. The truth is time needs to be used wisely.

The truth is that the world is not going to end. The Maya were a practical people, we are not. Have you been following the calendar on a regular basis, no. We are just concerned with the end. Funny thing about ends, they never really end, just pause and wait to begin again. Beginnings always begin but everyone argues over ends. The truth is the world will go on and people will have to wait for their own ends. That is a terrifying concept.

The truth is that regardless if you are a physicist, a priest, or a regular guy we must appreciate each moment we have on this tiny blue dot orbiting in endless black space somewhere in the cosmos. The truth is that and many other things. But I think it is mostly that. If you can live your life in appreciation of your existence, not its quality or life’s definition, but just the fact that you are alive. Then I believe you have some concept of truth.

The truth is that we will all have to endure tragedy. But the truth is that life goes on. How we continue our lives is the measure of how we respond to that which we cannot control, be it actions of menace or glory. When we stand in the light or the dark, it must be ourselves that stay the same. The truth is that we are all the masters of our own fate and we must abide by our own guidelines. I want you to consider for a moment what matters to you, what truth feels like. Go outside and look up at the sky and try to clear your mind of all of this and anything else and just feel the form of existence that you have taken. After that be thankful that you can still be thankful.

I usually write a good deal of stupid bullshit and I will return to doing so, but in the light of recent tragedy I have found myself unable to divert my mind from this concept. Loss is inevitable. It is how we honor the memory of that which has so scornfully been taken that we can pay homage to those lives that have been stolen from us. The truth is that they are gone. The truth is that we are still here. The truth is that we must live with that scar. And do with it what you will.


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