State of the Internet vs. My state of Mind

Writing a blog isn’t really hard. All you have to do is write about what you think concerning current events and post it online. Congratulations  you’re a blogger. What is hard, or so I would assume, is writing a good blog. Something that people actually want to read on a regular basis. This goes for TV shows, newspapers, radio shows, sports teams, or whatever kind of information or entertainment you’re selling. In trying to elevate my writing I started to research other successful blogs. What I found was a little disappointing.

Go ahead try it yourself Google search the top ten blogs of 2011 or top one hundred blogs is better still for sample size and see the result. Almost invariably they are tech, political, and celebrity gossip, sprinkled in are some sports and food blogs, “mom” blogs, you get your occasional science blog, maybe something about kittens. Really? Yea, really.

What the internet blogoshpere consists of is mainly people ranting about the new Droid vs. iPhone, how big of a douche Obama (or Romney) is. What Justin Biebers sexual orientation is. I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised. Blogs are just the evolution of news paper and magazines. What sells? Politics, technology, and celebrity gossip. I guess the reason this bothers me is because these things don’t interest me terribly. But like most consumer products I am in the minority here. I rather spend twelve dollars on a six pack then twenty on a thirty, I don’t own a TV and I only go shopping when my girlfriend tells me I have too. I didn’t vote, I only recently got addicted to my phone and computer, and I couldn’t tell you any anything about any celebrity, ever. So where is my niche I wonder. I could keep writing about sports but then what will I do during baseball season? Write about golf. Fuck that.

In the interest of my reader and myself I don’t think I will pigeon hole myself here because variety is the spice of life. I will try and write a little about everything. I read a good article on robotics today so I can write about that. Im no expert but lets face it neither are you. Regardless I still have an opinion on how robots will soon replace Mexicans and factory workers. Didn’t you idiots watch Terminator or The Matrix? Are you crazy? I read something interesting about the fiscal cliff. I can tear into that. “But Cole,” You might say “What do you know about politics and economics?” Nothing really, actually nothing at all but that doesn’t stop anyone else from talking about it. Maybe Beyonce performing at the Super Bowl has to do with Roger Goodell losing a bet to Jay-Z about the relevance of the Brooklyn Nets. Is that true? I dunno, who the fuck cares?

I like to read stuff that makes me laugh and leaves me feeling like I learned something. I don’t subscribe to a political party because I think most politicians are rhetoric spewing bureaucrats with no connection to my problems. I don’t follow technology waves like some techie or hipster because I am still amazed that I don’t have to use Napster to listen to music, can look at my house from a satellite orbiting in fucking outer space sponsored by  Google Earth and get movies, NBA games, and pretty much anything televised on a variety of websites for free. I could care less about five percent better screen resolution or how fast my apps download. Celebrities rarely interest me and by rarely I mean until an Olsen twin releases a sex tape I still won’t know how they stretched that Full House money this far.

All in all I guess this post is about what you should expect from me. Try and bear with it because honestly I am just getting my start here and the more support I get the less likely I am to get hammered an cut off an ear. Feel free to disagree with me. I understand that my opinions are not always valid or interesting and that there are other people out there with lots of things to say that are more intelligent then I am. This is my personal invitation to use this site as your platform. What I want from this blog is the experience of writing on a daily basis, hopefully a few followers, and maybe just maybe the opportunity to say something that actually makes you think about something other than what usually runs through your scattered little cranium all day.

Thanks for reading.


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