“You better take care of me Lord, if you don’t you’re gonna have me on your hands.” – Hunter S. Thompson

Hello reader. Recently I lost a friend of mine to a motorcycle accident. Traveling at a high rate of speed and up ended. Brandon was only twenty one, its a tragedy to lose a life so young.

I believe the quote above accurately describes his attitude towards life. The reason that I am writing about him now is not for sympathy, I want and  deserve none. I want to honor his passion for life. The determination he had was the defining aspect of his character. The only thing I have ever been passionate about is writing. So I decided in the wake of his funeral that life is to dam short. We must travel at a high rate of speed and let things come as they may.

Rest in peace young man.

I have spent my life in the recesses of a goliath. This civilization, the Me dominated Americana. When someone asks my personal view of modern society apathy is the only thing that comes to my mind. I honestly believe that this generation flirts with spiritual holocaust, social famine, personal ambiguity, and historical irrelevance.

“Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives.” – Chuck Palahniuk

We can only self medicate with vodka, pills, and pot for so long, we can only buy so many pairs of shoes, so many new things that replace the identical old before we go bankrupt. Oops already happened. See that dollar bill you have son? China owns thirty five percent of that guy.

So what is the answer in the wake of tragedy both personal and global? Resurrection? A long lost concept of American ideals pulled from a Chinese steel cross buried under the acropolis of mangled burning trade center were the last true heroes rushed to their demise. That is a fucking mouthful. What I mean to say is peace and love didn’t die with the sixties and seventies, commerce and technology in the eighties and nineties, hope and freedom in the god forsaken century of our lord the twenty first. No Americans it is not that bleak. We just have to realize our mechanics, we are the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses yearning to be free.

This is what it means to really live. This is what he stood for. Living at the expense of life itself. But is there any other way? I think not. We are not here forever. Not you not me or anyone. That star up in the sky exploded when the first cave man uttered “Muughh”. That pair of shoes at the door were made by some Indian kids, this computer screen is set to self destruct and you can either piss and moan about it or be happy that we are the smartest monkeys one this planet.

I am writing this because I have to. If I don’t I will regret it. These thoughts float in my head and I wonder if the rest of you feel the same. I hope so and in the same breath hope not. I would like to be one of the young men and woman I know that truly believe the status quo is just and eternal. That Romney or Obama will fix the nation, that Jesus will save their eternal soul, that flu shots will keep you healthy and not smoking saves you from cancer. I believe there are a few souls out there on the other side of the spectrum that have already crawled out of the mud and into the sunshine. They have seen the future and invented it in their dreams and will deliver us from madness. But all of that is yet to be seen and beyond my scope of dictation.

So for now all I have are words. And I promise the next ones will be less morbid.

Keep going…


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